Why use video on your website?

  • Thursday, 14th November, 2013
  • 17:25pm

Blue Phoenix productionsVideo is a very powerful marketing tool to be able to utilise. Video hosting websites offer FREE accounts and places to store and promote your videos. So why don't you use it? It would be silly not to take advantage of this!

What better way to demonstrate the quality of your business and products than by literally showing people?

Video is the easiest and quickest way of getting visibility and credibility with your target market, besides physically getting out there and meeting people on a constant day-to-day basis. With video you can meet people, without actually meeting people…

What I mean by that is video helps people to feel like they've already met you. It can help them already feel connected and sold to your business.

With how technology is moving, there has never been a time in history, where it’s so easy to get yourself, your business and your product out to the world.

Video has a double benefit to your business, as it not only showcases everything you do, but it also has quite an impact upon your web presence.

YouTube is now looked at as the 2nd largest search engine in the world, only being beaten by Google. In late 2006 YouTube was taken over by Google…

Since then Google has increasingly incorporated video into how they work their searches. They have a heavily guarded, secret algorithm, which defines what order searches appear. YouTube videos, which are also tagged with keywords, now play a key role within these searches.

Recently Google has also allocated top spaces of searches to bring up relevant videos from YouTube. They’re definitely looking at giving video top priority.

It’s not just about website updates to improve SEO anymore. Your social media activity is becoming more and more relevant within a Google search.

If you are going to get a video for your business, do take your time with it and make sure it gives the best image of your brand as possible!

This blog post was written by Joe Hickey from Blue Phoenix Productions Ltd, who has nearly a decade of experience creating video content. A company based in the West Midlands, Blue Phoenix is constantly producing high quality visual services to all sorts of businesses, from startups, to huge corporates.
Blue Phoenix offers a range of services from promotional video’s through to training videos.

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