3 reasons why better web hosting won’t cost you anything

  • Thursday, 19th May, 2022
  • 13:15pm

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Now I’m not saying that decent business class web hosting will be free, but the logical conclusion that better web hosting won’t actually cost you anything and that making a conscious decision to choose the right web hosting company can get you a return on investment that will be greater than the the difference in outlay.

This seems like a strange thing to say as better web hosting will naturally cost more, but let me run through some of my reasoning:

1. Site Speed

So, you’re building a website. Probably to offer your products or services. To do this you need to be found in search results, whether that be Google, Bing, Duckduckgo (my favourite), Yahoo. The list goes on; Pick your poison!

The fact comes down that search engines want to offer a good product to their users, so will naturally promote websites that offer a good service to theirs. Having a fast running website means that your website visitors don’t have to hang around waiting for your page to load.

2. Security

Let’s face it, it’s 2020 and your website has to be served using a TLS/SSL certificate. No ifs, no buts; You need to look after your website visitors.

On the cheaper range of web hosts, the businesses behind these services generally look to make as much profit as possible and keeping your site secure is one avenue for them. Your standard hosting package will be set up with plain old http but to get that piece of mind with https (The “s” stands for secure!), you have to pay a premium.

When you choose a better web hosting company the SSL certificate will generally be included thanks to initiatives like Let’s Encrypt which makes the whole process automated and out of your worries with manual processes.

3. Support

What happens when you have an issue with your website? In business there is a natural correlation between the revenue that a company receives and the available fund to allocate to supporting their product. If you buy cheap, you are buying into services that will spread very thinly between the available support staff.

By partnering with a business that has expertise in-house, you are making sure that in your hour of need your struggle will be minimal.


Hopefully I have shown that if you invest in better web hosting this is actually a conscious decision that you won’t regret and will be a real positive of your business.

Convinced? Great you business on the right track with your business class cPanel hosting. Need a bit more help? Checkout our WordPress Maintenance plans. Or, Still have questions? Contact us to get them answered.

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