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An error occurred when using cPanel Roundcube Webmail User Issue: Occasionally users of the Roundcube webmail program report that the following error... Can I connect to my mailbox with a secure connection? Yes, mail connections for all protocols with SSL encryption are supported.... Can I use my own Microsoft Exchange server with my domain? So long as your Exchange server has a static (non-changing) IP address, as... Can I use my own SMTP server? Yes, just ask your SMTP server provider for connection details.... Create DNS records for Office 365 using cPanel To get started you will need to browser windows open: Microsoft Admin Center and your domain DNS.... Do you have an SMTP (outgoing mail) server I can use? Yes, our outgoing mail server is called:mail.''Where '' is... How Do I set up a mailbox in Thunderbird? Setting up a mailbox in Thunderbird can normally be done using the automatic detection system... How can I access my mailbox from Gmail? You can retrieve emails from your mailbox from your Gmail account. You can also set it up so that... How can I sync my Webmail calendar to Mozilla Sunbird with CalDAV? Sunbird supports calendar sync on a per-calendar basis, rather than a per-account basis. In order... How can I sync my Webmail calendar to iCal on my Apple Mac with CalDAV? iCal supports per-account calendar sync for multiple calendars. To add an account:- - Click... How can I sync my Webmail calendar to my Android smartphone with CalDAV? The Android operating system does not support CalDAV sync using the built-in Calendar... How can I sync my Webmail calendar to my iPad or iPhone with CalDAV? To sync your Webmail calendars with an iOS device (eg iPhone, iPad):- - Go to Settings >... How do I create a mail box? Creating mail boxes inside eXtend is nice and easy, and can be done in just 3 steps: 1)... How do I handle SPAM, UCE, or UBE? Junk mail filters use special technology to strip out junk mail before you receive it. This... How do I recover deleted mail in Exchange? To recover mail that has been removed from the 'Deleted Items' folder in... How do I send e-mails in HTML format? HTML is the stuff dreams are made of. If you're a website developer, anyway. HTML stands for... How do I set up a mail forwarder? Mail forwarders allow mail sent to one address to be sent on to another address. Our system... How do I setup all my email to forward to another email address? All your email settings can be controlled through your eXtend Control Panel.... How do I setup an Out of Office autoresponder in Cpanel? If you are using either our webmail service or Outlook to connect to your mailbox via IMAP, when... How do I setup email (POP3 or IMAP) on my Android phone? K-9 Mail is an open-source email client with search, IMAP push email, multi-folder sync,... How do I setup email (POP3 or IMAP) on my Galaxy S3? You can no longer setup email on the Galaxy S3 stock app after their most recent software update;... How do I setup email forwarding? All email functions can be managed through the eXtend Control... How do I use the Mailing List facility on my hosting package? The mailing list facility can be accessed from the eXtend Control Panel, and is a great way to... How do I view my email message headers? How do mailboxes, forwarders and catch-all forwarders interact? When an email is received the mail server goes through a series of checks to... How to Create Email Account in cPanel? To create a new email address, perform the following steps:1. Log into your cPanel account.2. In... How to add an IMAP or POP3 mailbox to my Android device? Adding an IMAP/POP3 mailbox to an Android device. To set up an Android device for use with an... How to sync your Sent, Draft and Deleted items IMAP folders on your iPhone or iPad This article only applies for mailboxes setup as IMAP mailboxes on your iPhone or iPad. If you... I am getting a 451 Message temporarily deferred message when sending to Yahoo or BT - What does this mean? Yahoo have extremely strict criteria for accepting email and often defer e-mail if they think... I am sending an email to an external user with a large file attachment and they cannot receive it. Why is that? Several ISP's and hosting companies place restrictions on the size of individual emails that can... I can not receive email right now because it says the mailbox is locked? Because of the way POP3 works, it's impossible to be logged in to the same mailbox with two... I cannot send email, but I can receive it. If you are having trouble sending mail but not receiving it, there is a possibility that your ISP... I have changed the MX record for my domain. Why am I now unable to receive email? MX Records change where email is delivered for a domain. we offer the flexibility to change that... I have received a lot of bounce-back emails for emails I did not send. This can mean that a spammer has gained access to your mailbox and is using it to send spam... I would like to filter out spam email, is there any way to do this? We offers effective spam filtering on the server so that unwanted mail never even reaches the... Is there a size limit for email sent to my account? There is a limit of 30MB for attachments for emails sent to your mailbox, should... Mail sent from web server is received with -on behalf of- in the sender. This is down to fact the web server is sending the message - so the true 'return-path' (actual... My E-mails are getting delayed - what is causing this? If emails are arriving into your mailbox late, then please ensure that it's... Outlook errors are occurring intermittently in the form of 0x800CCC0E, 0x800CCC6F, 0x80042108 etc. Errors produced in Outlook and Outlook Express in the form of 0x800***** can... Sending an email from an Exchange mailbox to a specific recipient fails If you encounter a problem sending an email from your Exchange mailbox to a... Setting up e-mail in Outlook 2010 Here is a step by step guide on setting up your e-mail account in... Setting up email in Mail for Mac OS X 10.7 To setup a mail box using IMAP within Mac Mail on OSX please follow the instructions below. Note... Setting up email in Outlook 2003 1. Start Outlook. 2. On the Tools menu, click E-mail Accounts. 3. Under E-mail... Setting up email in Outlook 2007 1. Start Outlook.2. On the Tools menu, click Account Settings.3. Click New.4. Click... Setting up email in Windows Live Mail 1. With Windows Live Mail 2011 open, select the 'Accounts' option from the top menu bar. 2.... Setting up my email with Entourage 2004 on Mac OS X The following will help you set up the email account with Entourage 2004 On the... Setting up my email with Mail for Mac OS X 10.4 On the menu bar click Mail, then Preferences, then Accounts and finally click the plus at the... The amount of Spam I am getting has suddenly increased (with Junk Mail filters enabled), why is that? Please note: Microsoft Outlook flooded with spam due to broken email filters It can be very... Unable to send email from iPhone or iPad If you find you are unable to send email from your iPhone or iPad, it may be because... Web Hosting Glossary ~ Email As well as the space to hold your website, your new hosting package offers you unlimited email... WebMail - Address Book Use the address book to store your friends, contacts or important addresses. You can reference... WebMail - Calendar Webmail's calendar allows you to schedule tasks and organise your time. To create a new... WebMail - Compose and Send Email To send email via Webmail:- Log in to your account. Click New > New Email Fill in the message... WebMail - Modifying Settings Use the "Settings" panel to modify the preferences of your email account. Tailor... What SPF record is suggested for shared hosting? The SPF (Sender Policy Framework) system allows you to specify servers and IP addresses that are... What can be causing e-mail forwarding to fail? As with almost all computing-centric issues, there are many possible reasons for this. The first... What does the MX record do? An MX record sets the mail server for a given domain name, directing... What is SMTP? SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, a protocol for... What is a POP or POP3 box? POP (or POP3) is an early email protocol used to access mailboxes. It's very... What is an Email autoresponder? This feature allows your email address to automatically respond with a specific message, such as... What is my email server, username and password? cPanel Mail Server For our cPanel hosting servers, the mail server setting for incoming and... What is the difference between POP3 and IMAP4 mail? All major email clients allow mailboxes to be accessed via either POP3 or IMAP4. These are two... Why am I unable to delete e-mails from webmail? Sometimes when trying to delete e-mails from webmail this will fail and the e-mails won't be... Why are whitelisted email addresses appearing as spam? If you have setup your spam settings to change the subject of emails detected as spam... Why can I not connect to your mail server? I use Orange, AOL or BT as my ISP. Some ISPs block port 25 for the sending of email via SMTP. AOL and Orange are known to be amongst... Why do I get a 550 Relay Not Permitted error message when sending mail? As with many errors, there may be a number of causes behind a '550 Relay Not Permitted' error.... Why do I get the message 550 IP in XBL SBL PBL RBL or SCBL when sending mail? If you receive any of these messages when trying to send email, it would appear that... Why do I see an SSL warning when connecting to my mailbox with a mail client? This is because you are connecting to a shared mail server so... Why does my email bounce with 550 relay not permitted? This usually happens because the nameservers on the affected domain have been changed to make the... Why have my mail or folders disappeared from webmail? By default webmail provides thread support. This can be disabled, or modified in the "settings"... Why is my mail client downloading duplicates of existing emails? This issue will only occur when downloading mail via POP3. It is not something to... How to change the password of your email account? If you want to change password of your email account then you can do this by the following... How to Access your Email Account from cPanel Webmail? You can access your Email account directly from Webmail.1. Open,... How to forward email to Gmail, Yahoo or other e-mail service providers? Email Account Forwarders:Step 1: Login to your cPanel account.Step 2: In the "Email" Section of... How to create an E-mail Autoresponder when you are unavailable or on vacation? If you are going for a holiday or will be unavailable for few days or a month, you can create an...
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