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What is my email server, username and password?

The mail server setting for incoming and outgoing mail is always, providing you are using BatchHeader's nameservers and haven't changed the DNS (Domain Name Server) records for mail. 

The username to use to access an email account is simply the full email address that you are trying to access. 

The password will be the password you selected when you created the mail box. 

If you're not sure what this is, you can check by logging into the eXtend control panel for your hosting package, clicking "Mail boxes", and hovering your mouse over the password fields of each listed mailbox

If you have a standalone mailbox, you can view the password by logging into your BatchHeader account, clicking the "Add-ons" link beneath the "Manage" heading in the navigation bar and clicking "Mailboxes". 

The passwords for your standalone mailboxes should then be visible.
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