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Can I use my own Microsoft Exchange server with my domain?

So long as your Exchange server has a static (non-changing) IP address, as most do, then it's a very easy process to set this up.

To set this up with ourselves, the domain needs to use our nameservers. If it uses the nameservers of another company, these changes would need to be completed with them.

The how-to

You need to make a change to the MX records for your domain in the DNS Management page of your domain's control panel to do this. MX records define what server mail for your domain is sent on to.

  1. Log into your Customer Area.
  2. Click "Manage Domain Names".
  3. Select the domain you want to change the MX record for from the relevant list and click "Manage Now".
  4. This will open your domain control panel. From here, click "DNS Management" (this option will only be visible if you have set the domain to use our nameservers).
  5. Amend the MX records for the blank and '*' so that the address field contains the hostname of your Exchange server.
  6. Click "Update DNS" to save the changes.

Things to be aware of

Changing the MX records for your domain to point to a server that is not part of our service will mean that all mail for your domain will be sent to those servers.

This means that you will not be able to access newly received messages by logging into our service, and will need to access them by logging into the server specified in the MX records.

Please also be aware that we do not support smart hosts.


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