Why am I unable to delete e-mails from webmail? Print

Sometimes when trying to delete e-mails from webmail this will fail and the e-mails won't be deleted. If you are trying to delete old e-mails then you may receive an error message showing a thread error. What this means is that some of the e-mails you are trying to delete are older than those thread support is checking. If you go to the "settings" tab in webmail, you can either disable thread support, or increase how old an e-mail thread support will check (the default is 6 months) to allow you to delete these e-mails. 

If you are not receiving an error message but you are unable to delete e-mails, then this is likely because the mail is full, or very close to full. Due to the order webmail deletes e-mails, a full, or close to full mailbox, is unable to delete many e-mails at one time. You should still be able to delete e-mails if you do them individually, alternatively if you can access the mailbox via a mail client you should be able to delete all the e-mails you wish.

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