What is the set up procedure for an EV SSL Certificate? Print

When you first purchase an Extended Validation certificate, you will be contacted by GlobalSign directly. The entire authorisation and set up process generally takes around 6 weeks. GlobalSign will need to be able to verify the following: 

- The Certificate Approver's identity, title, and employment through an independent source. 
- That the Certificate Approver is authorized to obtain and approve EV certificates on behalf of the Organization. This can be verified through one of the following methods: 
o A Lawyer's Opinion Letter 
o A Corporate Resolution 
o Directly contacting the CEO, COO, or similar executive at the organization and confirming the authority of the organizational contact. 

GlobalSign must contact the Certificate Approver using an independently-verified telephone number. During this verification call, GlobalSign must verify the following: 

- The name of the Certificate Requester identified in the certificate request and his or her authority to obtain the Extended Validation certificate on behalf of the organization. 
- Knowledge of the company's ownership and right to use the domain identified in the certificate request. 
- Approval of the Extended Validation SSL Certificate request. 
- Acknowledgement of signature of GlobalSign SSL Certificate Subscriber Agreement that includes all Extended Validation terms and conditions. 

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