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What kind of sites can use Railgun?

Any website can benefit from the performance improvements Railgun offers, especially dynamic sites.
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What are the benefits of Railgun?

Websites running Railgun show a 143% improvement in HTML load times and a 90% decrease in Time To...

What if I’m having issues enabling Railgun?

If you experience issues when enabling Railgun, please contact us by raising a support ticket...

How do I enable Railgun on my site?

Once you have your account setup, within your control panel you can easily setup railgun by...

How does Railgun work?

Railgun opens a secure, tunneled connection between the Cloudflare network and your host’s origin...

I’m not a Cloudflare customer, can I still use Railgun?

No. You need to be a Cloudflare customer in order to use Railgun.