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Can I use the File eXchange Protocol (FXP) for site-to-site transfers? We do not allow the use of the File eXchange Protocol (FXP) in the interests of security because... Creating multiple FTP accounts If you have multiple users connecting to FTP via a single FTP account at the same time then you... How do I connect to FTP via Dreamweaver CS5? To connect to your website using Adobe Dreamweaver, try the following:1. Launch Dreamweaver 2.... How do I connect via FTP from Mac OS X? The Finder in more recent versions of Mac OS X has built-in support for FTP. All you need to do... How do I publish my site with Adobe GoLive? When you're ready to publish your site, just connect to the FTP server by clicking... How do I redirect my site? non-www to www A redirect is a simple way to automatically correct a users request to the correct page if you... How do I set permissions on files and scripts? Doing a CHMOD (changing a file's permissions) is the setting of access privileges for... How do I setup additional FTP accounts? Additional FTP accounts are most commonly used to give others access to an account for... How do I unlock additional FTP accounts? Unlocking the main FTP account does not unlock additional FTP accounts,... How to create an FTP Account in cPanel? You can use your cPanel username and password to access all folders and files via FTP. However,... I am connecting to FTP via ftp.mydomain.com which is not connecting? Connecting to FTP via the domain name can produce problems if the name servers of the domain have... I am connecting to FTP via ftp.mydomain.com which is not connecting? Connecting to FTP via the domain name can produce problems if the name servers of the domain have... I am trying to upload a large file onto my webspace, and the file manager inside the Control Panel will not let me. Why? Because the file manager within the Control Panel is a web based FTP system, it does suffer from... I am unable to connect with FTP. Your FTP account may be locked, for more information, consult the article... I can login to FTP via my client, but I cannot see a directory listing of my site files? If your FTP client appears to log in correctly but no files or directories are listed, it's... I have uploaded files to File manager but cannot see them, they were recently visible. What has happened? File manager has a 5mb memory limit which restricts the number of files that can be displayed if... I have uploaded my site on my hosting account but cannot see it? As a first step, check the following points:- Is your domain on the correct name servers? To use... Is it possible to assign a DNS address to the FTP lock function? While you can permanently unlock the FTP on your hosting package for an IP,... Linux file permissions bible File permissions are an essential part of web hosting, as they prevent private data... My extra FTP account does not seem to work with PHP scripts. Most scripts should wirk with all users that are set up to access via FTP, as all FTP users on a... The images on my website have been corrupted, what went wrong? Sometimes this can occur as a result of uploading your images using FTP, most... Unable to connect via FTP, the following error is being produced ~ 530 Login failed. Perhaps your FTP access is not unlocked? We have recently implemented an FTP locking system to improve security for all of our customers.... Web Hosting Glossary ~ Files Now that you have your new domain and hosting package you are going to need to transfer your... What is FTP? FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is the simplest and most secure way to exchange files over the... Why am I getting Error 530. Maximum number of users (3) when trying to connect via FTP? You will see this error when an attempt is made to exceed the limit of 3... Why are my FTP transfers timing out following upgrading to Internet Explorer 11? Some users of Windows 8.1 have found that following an update to Internet Explorer 11,... Why can I not see the images on my website? There are several possible reasons why your images are not showing up on your pages as expected:... Why can I not upload large files with FTP? FTP uploads are limited to 200MB per file. If you really need to use a larger file than this in... How to change the password of the FTP Account in cPanel? If you want to change main root FTP Account then you need to change the password of your cPanel... How to change the FTP User Quota in cPanel? If you want to increase/decrease the FTP Quota or to use an "Unlimited" FTP Quota but also want... How to Delete an FTP User account from cPanel? If you have created too many FTP User accounts and some of these have not been used and you want...
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