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Google Apps for Work ~ Release Calendar

When a new release of a new Google Apps feature, update, or training resource, it is announced on the Google Apps release calendar. Each event's color identifies the type of release, as follows:

Rapid Release feature launch

Products and features launching to Google Apps domains on the Rapid Release track.

Scheduled Release feature launch

Products and features launching to Google Apps domains on the Scheduled Release track.

Training or resource launch

New documentation and training resources now available to users or Apps admins. These include training videos, deployment guides, change management resources, and more.

Other launch

Deprecation notifications, pre-announcements, newly available newsletters, and other launches outside of the categories described above.

Note: To help Google Apps admins with testing and change management for new features, web launches to the Scheduled release track for Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive (including Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides), Google Groups, and Google Sites are delayed for at least one week following the launch to the Rapid release track. No mobile launches or launches for other services or labs are included in this process. Google makes every effort to follow this process, but can't guarantee it will at all times.


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