VIDEO: How to add a new blog post in WordPress using the Gutenberg Block Editor

To create a new post or page, navigate to either posts or pages in the sidebar, and click add new. The process will be the same for either experience.So, for this video, I will be making a post.
The next screen will take you to the gutenberg editor, which you can get an overview of in another video. First, let's add a title to our page, this block is required and cannot be removed like other blocks can.
From here, you can start adding content to the default block that’s already created. If you prefer the classic content editor from previous versions, you can change the block type to ‘classic’.
If after adding your content, you decide you want to switch to blocks, you can click the options button and then: ‘convert to blocks’, which will automatically convert any images, text or other content into their respective block type.
Once you're happy with your content. You can preview what you post or page will look like. And if you're still making changes, make sure to save your document as a draft. Click: ‘publish’ when you're ready for your post or page to go live.


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