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What is the "Administration Email Address"?

The Admin email address for your WordPress is different to any of the user access email address that are tied to and username and login details to access the site. The Administration Email Address is used to send notifications regarding important change to your software including minor software updates, major software update availability, system crash notifications, etc.

How to change the email address within WordPress

If you want to change the admin email address within the WordPress software you can easily do so by navigating to Settings => General and entering the new email address in the relevant field. This will prompt a verification email to be sent with a link to follow for your WordPress software to be sure that you will be able to continue receiving these important communications.

How to change the admin email with WP-CLI

If you are happy with working on the command-line then WP-CLI can make this a lot easier.

  1. First you will have to log into your hosting package and navigate to the folder holding your WordPress install.
  2. Next you will need to check your current admin email address with this command to search the Options table to the correct entry:
    • wp option list --search="admin_email"
  3. Finally, to change the email address and update the options table with this command
    • wp option update admin_email

Note: This will not send you a confirmation email to check the validity of the email address so be sure that you have the correct details

Be sure to change the "" for your actual email address otherwise you will no longer receive any of the important emails from you WordPress software.

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