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DNSSEC is a valuable security protocol for the internet's DNS. It provides an additional layer of security for DNS information and helps to protect against attacks that aim to manipulate or compromise DNS data.

Online Tool

To check whether DNSSEC is correctly configured on your domain, you can use a tool such as the DNSSEC Analyser from Verisign:

This tool allows you to enter your domain name and run a test to see whether DNSSEC is properly configured and functioning on your domain. The tool will check for common configuration errors, such as missing or invalid keys, and will provide information on any issues or errors that are found. This can help you to ensure that DNSSEC is properly configured on your domain and is providing the maximum level of security for your DNS information.

Test Results

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When you run a test on your domain using the DNSSEC Analyser from Verisign, you can expect to see a number of different results. If DNSSEC is properly configured and functioning on your domain, the tool will indicate this and provide information on the key types and algorithms that are being used.

If any issues or errors are found with your DNSSEC configuration, the tool will provide details on these issues and may suggest potential solutions. Additionally, the tool may provide information on the overall security of your DNS data and any potential vulnerabilities that may exist. Overall, the results from the DNSSEC Analyser can help you to understand the state of DNSSEC on your domain and take steps to improve its configuration and effectiveness.

Further Analysis

If you would like a visual representation of the DNSSEC records all the way from the root nameservers through to your domain Verisign offer an additional tool:

This is a tool that allows you to conduct a detailed analysis of your domain's DNSSEC configuration and security, and provides a graphical representation of your DNS data and DNSSEC information, which can help you to understand the relationships between different DNS records and keys.

Additionally, DNSViz can check for common configuration errors and vulnerabilities, and will provide suggestions for improving the security of your DNS data. The tool also allows you to compare your DNSSEC configuration to industry best practices and standards, which can help you to identify areas for improvement. Overall, this is a valuable resource for conducting a thorough analysis of your DNSSEC implementation and ensuring that it is configured and functioning correctly.


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