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There are a few costs associated with hosting a website on WordPress. These include:

  1. Domain name registration: This is the cost of registering a domain name (e.g. for your website. Prices for domain names vary depending on the suffix (e.g. .com,, .net, etc) , but you can typically register a domain name for around £10-15 per year. Search for your new domain name here

  2. Web hosting: This is the cost of hosting the actual website on a server. There are many different web hosting providers that offer different plans with different features and pricing. Prices for web hosting can range from a few pounds per month for a basic shared hosting plan to several hundred dollars per month for a more advanced plan with more features and resources. Our cPanel Hosting will cover the needs for most businesses

  3. WordPress theme: If you want to customize the appearance of your website, you may need to purchase a WordPress theme. Prices for WordPress themes vary, but you can typically find a good theme for around £50-100. We highly recommend using GeneratePress as it is feature rich, and is a lightweight WordPress theme that focuses on speed, stability, and accessibility.

  4. Plugins and extensions: Depending on the features you want to add to your website, you may need to purchase additional plugins or extensions. Prices for these can also vary, with some being available for free and others costing several hundred dollars. To compliment your theme, we recommend GenerateBlocks which is a small collection of lightweight WordPress blocks, built on top of the core Gutenberg blocks, and and means that you can accomplish nearly anything.

Overall, the cost of hosting a website on WordPress can range from a few dollars per month to several hundred dollars per month, depending on your specific needs and requirements.

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