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Do the statistics include referrer information? Yes, all statistics with our servers include the referrer information. You can use this... Do you support Blogs on your packages? Yes we do - you'll need to select a package that includes MySQL databases as all... Do you support Real Audio? We support Real Audio via HTTP streaming. If you want to... Do you support Streaming on your servers? Yes we do. Using the HTTP streaming method, we can support... File Manager session expiry errors In order to keep your files secure against various threats, File Manager... How do I redirect my site? non-www to www A redirect is a simple way to automatically correct a users request to the correct page if you... How do I run my PHP script as a scheduled (cron) task? Scheduling tasks allows you to automate various scripts to be run from your hosting... How do I run scheduled tasks (cron jobs) on my account, and how frequently can I run them? Scheduled tasks (also known as cron jobs) can be set up though eXtend. This feature allows a... How long are access logs and statistics stored for? We store the current half-month that you are in and the previous three half-months. For example,... How to force a file to download (Not open in a browser) Modern browsers have very good file handling capabilities but there are times when you would... How to migrate a website from one host to another WordPress Migration Documentation Confirm access to previous hosting control panel Backup... I have bought a secure certificate (SSL) with you, how do I know it has been installed correctly? You need to visit your domain using "https://" at the start including the "www." part... I would like to be able to see a breakdown of countries in my Webalizer statistics. It is possible to get a breakdown of countries in your Webalizer statistics but it is... Using PHP5 makes all my products disappear in OSCommerce We have updated our version of php so the default used is PHP5 rather than PHP4. This... Web Hosting Glossary - DNS Introduction to DNS The Domain Name System, or DNS, is the means by which computers connected to... Web Hosting Glossary ~ Email As well as the space to hold your website, your new hosting package offers you unlimited email... Web Hosting Glossary ~ Files Now that you have your new domain and hosting package you are going to need to transfer your... Web Hosting Glossary ~ Web Site Stats and Logs Once your web site is up and running you are going to want to find out how it is performing.... What Java Support is in place? We support Javascript and Java Applets as standard as they are client-side. We do... What is Python? Python is an interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language. It is...
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