Do the statistics include referrer information? Print

Yes, all statistics with our servers include the referrer information. You can use this information to: 

• Determine the search engines to which you should resubmit. If you're not getting enough traffic from a search engine you consider important, it may be time to resubmit. 

• Gauge the success of your paid online promotions. Some online promotion vehicles, such as geographical/local directories, require a monthly or yearly fee, which makes measuring ROI (Return on Investment) important. Use referrer statistics to ensure your paid promotions are driving traffic, and to make necessary adjustments based on the information. For example, if you find you are not getting enough traffic from one particular geographical directory, consider using that budget money for pay-per-click advertising instead. 

• Strengthen partnerships with other businesses. If another site or business is driving traffic to your site, you might want to get in touch and create a stronger business relationship or suggest a more prominent placement of reciprocal links

• Optimize your site for the search terms people are using to get to you. Along with information about the search engine from which visitors are coming to your site, most Web site statistics packages also tell you the search terms people are using to find you. You should make sure your site is optimized for the most popular terms. 

• Purchase pay-per-click advertising for the most popular search terms. You should also consider purchasing pay-per-click advertising for the most popular terms people are currently using to find you, which will further increase traffic to your site. 

• Adjust your site based on the visitor entry page. Referrer statistics include important information about your site's entry page—the first page visitors see when they arrive from a search engine, directory, or another site. You might consider your home page to be your entry page, but that's not always true. Search engines spider, or index and create links to, all the pages in your site, and don't necessarily direct people to your home page

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