Common server software requirements

All our servers Linux servers have the following software available, listed with version number.

  • Apache 2.4.6 with all standard modules, including mod_rewrite
  • MySQL v5.5.32
  • PHP v4.4.9 with Zend Optimiser v3.3.3
  • PHP v5.2.17 with Zend Optimiser v3.3.9
  • PHP v5.3.27
  • PHP v5.4.16
  • PHP v5.5.1
  • Perl v5.10.1 with Crypt::SSLeay module v0.57
  • Python v2.6.6
  • Ruby v1.8.7 and eRuby (embedded Ruby)
  • ImageMagick v6.8.3-6
  • GD v2.3.5
  • CURL v7.19.7

For a full listing of Perl and PHP modules installed, see the PHP and Perl Module List page in the eXtend control panel. Please note at the time of writing (06/01/2014) these are the current and correct versions, but we are always updating the software on our servers to give our customers the best possible performance and features.


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