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 VIDEO: #WordPress Add an image from your Computer

Transcript Adding images to your post, not only help to get the point of your content across,...

 VIDEO: Add a New WordPress Page

  To create a page click on or hover over the pages button in the sidebar of your dashboard...

 VIDEO: Add Heading style to a WordPress Post or Page

  WordPress Heading Styles Heading styles not only give your viewers a better visual...

 VIDEO: Add Image to WordPress from a URL

  Embed Image from URL If there is an image you want to include in your post, but don't want...

 VIDEO: Add New Post in #WordPress

  To create a new post, navigate to posts in the side bar and and select add new. This is the...

 VIDEO: Add Paragraphs to WordPress Posts and Pages

  In this tutorial we will specifically explore how to add a paragraph using the style options...

 VIDEO: An overview of the WordPress Gutenberg Block Editor

  Gutenberg is a live editor that lets you create posts and pages through the use of blocks of...

 VIDEO: Approving and Editing #WordPress Comments

 VIDEO: Create and Edit Users in #WordPress

 VIDEO: Introduction to the #WordPress Admin Bar

 VIDEO: Introduction to the #WordPress Dashboard

 VIDEO: The #WordPress Media Library

 VIDEO: Upload Media to the #WordPress Media Library

 VIDEO: WordPress Pages vs. Posts

A common question for those new to WordPress is, “What is the difference between a post and a...

 VIDEO: WordPress Revisions

While you may not need them all the time, revisions can be very useful if you need to recover...

 VIDEO: Working with #WordPress Categories

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