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Are you in need of a unique and memorable domain for your business or personal website? Look no further! Registering a UK domain offers a multitude of benefits that will help set your online presence apart from the competition.

Why choose a .uk domain for your business?

When you are marketing to a UK based market and want to show your company is open business in the UK, you have no better option than the inherent credibility and trust that a UK domain brings.

Frequently Asked Questions

To check the availability of your desired domain name you can perform an instant search below.

The results page will give you instant feedback whether the domain is available

As soon as you complete your order, you will receive a comfirmation email showing that the new domain has been secured and added to your account

Yes. There are no restriction on who can perchase a .UK domain name, so whether you are a sole-trader looking to get your startup online, ran a family website & email, or creating a new brand for your established business, a UK domain is perfect for you

Domains can vary but suffix (.com, .net,, etc) and by Regitrar (The company looking after the domain for you), however for a .UK domain the average price is £9.99.

It usually only takes a few minutes to register a UK domain name. After purchasing the domain name, it should become active almost immediately. You will be able to see the registration status within your account

Yes, it is possible to transfer a domain name to a different provider. The process is simple, straightforward and can generally be completed in around 30 minutes. If you need help with this process, just raise a support ticket and we will help you through the process

A UK domain name is a domain name that is registered and associated with the United Kingdom. This is perfect if you or your traget market are based within the UK.

If you have customers in multiple countries, or your main target market is abroad, it may be worth looking at another international domain:

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